Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fitzpatrick Automotive Advertisement Agency

While summarising my literature review - were I will be discussing the psychology behing automobile consumer buying behaviour, highlighting automobile traditional advertising methods (and their history) and focusing on the alternative methods of advertising - I came across this video by Fitzpatrick Advertisement which gives a brief explanation of how automobile companies can get customers through their doors. Fitzpatrick Advertising delivers the experience and know-how one's dealership needs and the full experience one deserves.!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Diesel Village at Regent Street

When in London, I visited the Diesel Village store at Regent Street. It has Diesel's original clothing range, accessories, the 55DSL range, perfumes & footwear - but what really caught my eye was the Ducati motorcycle bike (which was located on the first floor) that is customised by the Diesel brand. The motorcycle has been shown as a fashion accessory while the mixture of the newest Diesel collections, the alternative shelves set ups and the combination of music, fashion & art throughout the whole store fired up the diesel community.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Power of Dreams

Last week I had an interview with the Director for Gasan Zammit, where I have gathered some really good information through explanations of how this company in Malta advertise their cars. Some really good points were also brought up with regards to both methods I am discussing through my dissertation; traditional media and alternative methods. This company uses both methods of advertising. In a way, traditional media has worked for them when targeting a specific market, while when using an alternative method, they have targeted a wider range of market. This interview was so relevant to my discussion as it has proved that one can still produce something different within budget; using creativity and a mixture of methods, thus creating effectiveness. 

The following video has been forwarded to me in order to also look into certain videos that deliver a message through a different way. Although it's not really considered as 'alternative', it is still effective because of the content it has (the music / jingle and the slogan). 

I'll be later putting up part of my findings; up-till-now it includes the three different interviews I have been to.  

Installation Process

I've started working on the installation as from today. We are basically removing the fairing of the motorcycle so as not to damage the original ones and we are creating similar ones, slightly larger using cardboard and fibre. I'll have to see how they turn out.

Here's some pictures as part of the process.