Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Power of Dreams

Last week I had an interview with the Director for Gasan Zammit, where I have gathered some really good information through explanations of how this company in Malta advertise their cars. Some really good points were also brought up with regards to both methods I am discussing through my dissertation; traditional media and alternative methods. This company uses both methods of advertising. In a way, traditional media has worked for them when targeting a specific market, while when using an alternative method, they have targeted a wider range of market. This interview was so relevant to my discussion as it has proved that one can still produce something different within budget; using creativity and a mixture of methods, thus creating effectiveness. 

The following video has been forwarded to me in order to also look into certain videos that deliver a message through a different way. Although it's not really considered as 'alternative', it is still effective because of the content it has (the music / jingle and the slogan). 

I'll be later putting up part of my findings; up-till-now it includes the three different interviews I have been to.  

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