Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Discussion of Findings

Now that the findings were gathered, filtered and put together I have a clearer picture of what method is the most effective. Alternative ways of advertising have had a much bigger impact on people, however companies based in Malta do not move away from traditional methods. 


An alternative method of advertising uses distinct interactive means to interconnect with consumers while promoting products, brands and services. The purpose of alternative advertising is generally similar to the traditional objectives of advertising; selling a product. This simply means that many of the traditional fundamentals of advertising influences and effectiveness remain significant, even within the scope of alternative advertising. There are many different facets to alternative advertising. Organisations can enhance the impact of their campaigns by using different types of cognitive tools and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. However, most companies are constantly seeking for the best, inexpensive ways to advertise. Companies must therefore find a modus vivendi between an effective marketing plan and the costs that restrict or channel the means of doing so.

The motorcycle & ladybird combination

Through out this blog I have never really explained why I chose to impersonate a motorcycle with a ladybird. The idea was developed way before I started working on the blog, and to be honest I literally forgot to post anything about this. When I started brainstorming on how to advertise the company in an alternative manner, various concepts were generated. The first ideas varied from digitalised work to mobile applications to direct interaction methods via the use of sensors. Another concept was to give the opportunity to let passers-by write anything they want on the body of the motorcycle. When ideas were filtered, I decided that using sensors seemed to be the most exciting concept, so promptly I started with developing this idea into a complete project. Some sketches below show the initial concepts and brainstorming sessions.    

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ever wondered what ladybirds are capable of?

88GB of footage were more then enough to help me observe closely how passers-by reacted towards the installation. The shopping complex was exceptionally busy on Wednesday 1st, due to the day being a Public Holiday, however footage was recorded throughout the 4-day period of the installation. Several factors were observed. Passers-by were curious and gathered around the area to see what was going on. Some participants stopped around and asked questions to try and understand how the prototype was working. Others were interested in the brand of the motorcycle and were looking at the other two motorcycles that were on display. 

Friday, 10 May 2013


Apart from researching alternative and interactive method that automobile companies have used to advertise their brands, I have also looked at the diverse advert videos that these brands produce. Interestingly enough, some videos do not just feature the car being advertised, but deliver their message through other methods. The video below is a Mercedes-Benz short film based around the motto "Racing is a state of mind". The message is indirectly delivered to the audience through a touch of humour and self-deprecation.  

Monday, 6 May 2013

BMW Shorts

During my research on automobile advertisement, I have also come across the BMW film shorts. A series of eight short videos which were released on the web between 2001 and 2002. All eight shorts feature popular filmmakers such as Madonna and Clive Owen while forming branded content through the performance aspects of the various BMW vehicles shown throughout the series. 

How much Hipster can you pack in a Jazz?

Through my interview with Carolyn Zammit, further effective advertising methods that international companies use were mentioned. A series of videos were produced to show how many "persons" can go in a Honda Jazz. Through this advert, the company wanted to advertise the Honda Jazz's magic seats!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The 1st day of the Installation

The first day of the installation was on the 1st of May, luckily a public holiday. The weather outside wasn't so good, therefore there was a bigger chance for people to come to The Point during the day which in fact they did. The shopping complex got very busy between 10am and 12am and I managed to get a very good response towards the installation. People were coming down from the top floor levels to check out the motorcycle and some were taking picture of it too. The flapping fairing was what caught the most attention. Special thanks to John Galea who was present during the day and helped me out in filming the event. 


Setting up

On Tuesday 30th April, we had to set up the space for the motorcycle installation, on level -2, just infront of the Papillon cafeteria. This is a strategic place because apart from the cafeteria, the area is also seen well from the other floor levels. The floor stickers were stuck in specific areas around the shopping complex such as infront of atm's, lifts, escalators and the main entrance. The whole installation looking great. I didn't have a camera with me, so thank god for Instagram :)