Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Discussion of Findings

Now that the findings were gathered, filtered and put together I have a clearer picture of what method is the most effective. Alternative ways of advertising have had a much bigger impact on people, however companies based in Malta do not move away from traditional methods. 


An alternative method of advertising uses distinct interactive means to interconnect with consumers while promoting products, brands and services. The purpose of alternative advertising is generally similar to the traditional objectives of advertising; selling a product. This simply means that many of the traditional fundamentals of advertising influences and effectiveness remain significant, even within the scope of alternative advertising. There are many different facets to alternative advertising. Organisations can enhance the impact of their campaigns by using different types of cognitive tools and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. However, most companies are constantly seeking for the best, inexpensive ways to advertise. Companies must therefore find a modus vivendi between an effective marketing plan and the costs that restrict or channel the means of doing so.

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