Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Concluding this Dissertation

Throughout my dissertation, personal interviews and the construction of the installation itself, it has been noted that the success of an alternative method of advertising is determined by a sound and tailored marketing strategy in order the reach the targeted audience. Advertising must grab the viewer’s attention in the increasingly competitive market, therefore it is implied that when a company needs to market its product to a wider variety of target audience, an alternative method of advertising is advised. Marketing should be regarded as a generic term embracing the advertising methods and packaging strategies that impact the whole marketing plan, and not as a category in its own right. Product, price, place and promotion are all pivotal factors that influence the marketing process and stakeholder confidence. Sales people must feel confident about the product, knowledgeable and assertive enough to be able to overcome specific questions, which potential customers may ask. 

The aim of the dissertation was to prove that alternative methods attract a wider target audience as opposed to traditional methods. The actual sale of the motorcycles being marketed were not the main focus nor taken into account, therefore a marketing plan was not adequately drawn up. Sales people were not present to promote the motorcycles either. It is therefore imperative to note that a robust marketing plan must commensurate trained and experienced staff and an innovative advertising strategy for a more positive result. 

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