Sunday, 28 April 2013

Guerrilla Marketing

To further promote the installation I also chose a low-cost method of advertisement were I have combined a series of graffiti leading to the poster featuring the motorcycle and the installation details. I have chosen the Skatepark at Msida, Malta to implement this method. I specifically chose this place to target a younger generation (skaters and bikers) who usually hang out there. Hopefully, they would find this combination of methods to be more interesting than just a poster on its own. The skatepark is also situated in a very prominent area right next to the University of Malta, not to mention that it also serves as a subway, therefore passers-by who want to cross the road will have to walk through it anyway. It is a strategic place to promote my project for those people who skate, those who study and go to university, the people who live there, those who will eat in the restaurants situated nearby and also the ones who want to go to the bus stop. While implementing the graffiti and the posters I have noticed that passers-by were already interested in what I was doing. 

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