Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Traditional Stuff

Having just an alternative method; the installation (which includes the interactive motorcycle and the floor stickers) is not enough, so I've decided that traditional media should also be present during the 4 days of the installation. This would definitely help me in gathering a more accurate result in finding out which method is the most effective. I've designed a flyer and a poster using the same format for both. The flyers shall be put in selected stores at the shopping complex, while also put on vehicle windscreens. Posters shall be put up at The Point, Tigne lifts and also in selected places around Malta where bikers usually hang out. Through this method I shall be targeting people who would actually buy a bike. Through this method I focused on advertising the motorcycle used in the installation, however in a more traditional manner, by adding some general information about the bike together with the technical specifications. Contact details are also listed just in case anyone would be interested in the motorcycle. On the other hand, I'll be using the poster (also in a traditional manner) to advertise both the motorcycle and the installation. Both methods are quite straight forward, unlike the floor stickers (which in my opinion create curiosity and excitement). Anyway, some photos together with the final outcome below. 

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